Who are we?

Sanity Marketing started in August 2015 as ‘Joshua Walker PR’. We had humble beginnings – starting up in an Islington kitchen by then journalist Jordan Baker with a very old laptop. Why Joshua Walker PR you ask? That was Jordan’s nom de plume when writing for the likes of the MailOnline, The Gay Times and other publications, and it was a name that stuck.


Good PR was easy to deliver – PR tends to be expensive and sloppily done – so with a monthly rolling contract and some PR nouse, we quickly racked up column inches and clients. But clients didn’t stay long – PR was increasingly losing its ability to make clients money and even at JWPR prices, it was a pricey luxury few could afford.

JWPR later expanded its offerings into social media, videography and photography and graphic design – a full service marketing agency if you will.

In February 2017, we also established a presence in the Big Apple.

In June 2018, Jordan and his partner Riley learnt the art of traffic, lead and remarketing ads – spending several thousand pounds of the agency’s own cash on our client’s ad accounts to perfect the practice before offering it as a service to our clients.

This took our obsession with offering results even further.  

In July 2019, we launched our new website, dividing our package services into tens of smaller services – meaning clients get a bespoke package, and they only pay for what they actually need each month. Our mission of putting the ‘sanity’ into small business marketing was realised and so to reflect this, we rebranded to Sanity Marketing.

In early 2020, we introduced Pay Per Results PR services – why pay a retainer when you just want to pay for results? And began to develop plans for other Pay Per Results marketing services.

Today, we have worked with over 650 clients, including The House of Commons, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Kourtney Kardashian, Joan Collins, Anytime Fitness and The Crown Plaza Hotels (to name but a few).

But despite these big names and high profile clients, it’s really our small business clients we love to support and help thrive – this is our specialty and our mission, and we proudly use the slogan ‘putting the sanity into small business marketing’.