Pay Per Results PR

We don’t believe in charging for PR ‘activities’ – just the results.

With that in mind, we have three Pay Per Results PR Services:


If we don’t get you exposure – we don’t eat. Seems fair to us.

There’s more information on the product pages, so do have a butchers.

Remember, we’ll give you a steer as to which services work for you – no guess work needed!

With all that in mind, we only work with people we know we can work with and get press for – to see if we can help you – book in a call.

There’s more information on the product pages, so do have a butchers. Remember, we’ll give you a steer as to which services work for you – no guess work needed!

How we charge for press articles we get you:

Our Pay per Results PR fees couldn’t be simpler – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We charge per article (regardless of whether it’s a one-liner, a full article about you or has a backlink). We only discriminate according to the publication – whether it’s a local or blog, a national or an internationally renowned brand.

Type Regional / Trade / Blog National / City-wide International Titles
Real Business, London City Girl, Belfast Telegraph
Metro, The Sun, Evening Standard, Express, The Independent, Daily Star, Pink News, The Scottish Sun, The Daily Record, Telegraph, Seventeen, OK Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Heat Magazine, Prima, Grazia, Guardian, ITV, Closer
Hello, Forbes, Tatler, Vogue, BBC, BBC Radio, The Times, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Glamour Magazine, MailOnline, TimeOut, Yahoo
Fee (+VAT)

For our Pay Per Results PR Press Releases service, we cap at £600+VAT for coverage for each press release – so if you get 10 articles from one press release – you’ll pay a maximum of £600+VAT.

For our Pay Per Results PR Comment Pieces & Reviews – you’re in the driving seat, we’ll present you the opportunity and what the fee would be (from the guide above) and it’s up to you if you want to take us up on the offer.

All you need to get started is a refundable £100+VAT deposit for each Pay Per Results PR service you want to use.

Not sure? Book in a call and we can help.

That sounds like sanity to us

Why PR?

Well, firstly PR is great for credibility – nothing offers social proof like a press badge on your website or socials (especially if you’re a small business or fresh on the market); secondly, you want to up your SEO game – getting yourself as high up on Google as possible (and backlinks from well-liked domains will help) and lastly, there’s the brand awareness – more people getting to know you exist is a wonderful thing!

National vs regional / trade press

Sometimes it’s tempting to focus on your demographic and a publication’s readership (“my customers don’t read the Sun”) but that would be a mistake!

Firstly, national publications tend to have high domain rankings (your local competitor might not have the same backlinks [aka SEO] and so you’ll beat them on Google when your customers come looking for; and secondly, your customers (as a demographic) might be 0.01% of a national publication’s readership but that number is usually much greater than the 100% readership of ‘Your Demographic Daily’.

Don’t be a PR snob – think big picture!

What’s our approach? Why are we so cocky?

Easy peasy.

  •  Bank of content – we have tons and tons of clients – so that’s a lot of content to offer journalists, keeping them coming back to us. We have experts (shark experts, hair dressers, doctors, lawyers …), review opportunities and plenty of stories to offer. Why do they need to go anywhere else?
  •  Slotting in nicely to the press – with hundreds of clients across tens of different sectors, we spend our days chatting to journalists – so we have a feel for news, trends and conversations. We chat to our clients – find out what press / results they looking for and what content they can offer the press and then we slot them into press opportunities. We have our ear to the ground and like to offer content before it’s even asked for. PR agencies who need to justify their monthly bill waste months forcing through what you want to say (most of the time ignoring what they press want) before coming back with nothing (except the next bill).
  •  We are in this together – we don’t need to placate you so that you re-sign with us or pay the next invoice – if we don’t place you then we are wasting our time and yours and our staff are going to go hungry! Therefore, we are going to be transparent with you as to what will work and what won’t work. In us – you have a partner, who wants to get you press as much as you want it! No bullshit.

Are you eligible?

As we are taking on all the risk and cost in working with you, we can’t accept just anyone. But we’d be keen to chat if:

⦁ You’d be a joy to work with
⦁ You don’t work with another PR agency
⦁ You understand and respect how we work
⦁ You have a £150+ a month budget for PR
⦁ You have content that journalists would love
⦁ You want to work with us long-term